My first time biking in North Carolina, what a great place to ride!! I will definitely go back!

The day we arrived we stopped in at Squatch Bikes & Brews to check out the shop and have a beer or two. We met the owner and a few employees, who then invited us on one of their scheduled weekly group rides. They were well organized and it was a great way to get help navigating the new to us trails. At first I wasn’t sure of the skill level needed, but they were great and all skill levels were present on the ride. This made it nice because you could fall into a group that challenged you or if you wanted to just have a ‘relaxed’ ride.

We started at the Corn Mill Shoals Loop Trail trail head. From here we went onto Little River, Big Rock, Cedar Rock, Micajah, just to name a few!

The trails were rocky and some actual slickrock was present all over the place!

Some great views when we took time to stop and catch up.

The owner James, who was leading the ride, would stop on occasion to give tips or help people navigate some of the difficult areas. This is one of those tricky areas that some may want some coaching to get over or around.

In all it was about a 9 or so mile ride and really a great doable intermediate trail. There are a few loooong uphills but they can be done., not many technical areas This is for sure one trail I would recommend. While on the ride others I met from the area recommended Lake Imaging trail but we didn’t have time to get there on this trip.

This is definitely going on my yearly spring trip list! It’s a great location because you can hit all the Dupont trails and the Pisgah Forest trails are not far off, which have their own amazing trails!

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