I’ve read a few reviews on this place and needed a quick getaway. Ray’s is located in an industrial park with lots of what look like abandoned buildings in the area.  it was not hard to find and I believe there’s a brewery next door!

The park offers rentals or you can bring your own.  All bikes can ride but mostly you’ll see BMX and dirt jump bikes and I gotta be honest it looks fun on them!!

Pricing is on their website but its around $23 for a day pass without bike rental.

This is the entrance, pretty much what you’d expect for a bike park in an old industrial building.


There’s a green trail that flows all around and sometimes thru the other sections of the park. It’s the easiest to start with.

The trails/paths are made from wood some are painted others are bare.


There are a few BMX sections for doing all kinds of sweet tricks, I took my 29″ on it but didn’t feel confident enough to really get crazy!


Redline from the BMX days..and a shot from above.  Some of the trail takes you to where the 2nd floor would be if it had a 2nd floor.


Flow trails are FUN! 


Sharp burms where you can really get some speed.

I would totally recommend going if you haven’t been. It was suggested to forgo bringing your own MTB and rent one of their DJ bikes, which I might just do next time I go.

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