A while back I purchased a cheap Go Pro clone that actually took great video, trying to take good footage on the bike though was just not possible. I tried a few different gimbals at around $200 + in cost and they didn’t seem to last long or keep the image steady.

Fast forward another year and the Rylo 360 video camera is on the market. I believe it started as a kickstarter project. What really makes it so nice is the software. for editing.

Here is very quick sample video to show how well the stabilization works. No gimbal or mechanical stabilizing just the software doing it’s magic.

I will add in more feedback as I get familiar with the camera. For now it feels really solid, fairly simple to use, and edit video right out of the box.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_WZtyJafWc[/embedyt]

The only negatives so far are the sound is horrible while riding a bike, the lenses are very exposed and can scratch very, very easily. I invested in the Adventure case at an additional $70!

More to come as I put this thru the paces!!

Here is the adventure case that you will probably want to get, even if its just sitting in a backpack the lenses do look easily scratched. The camera does come with a protective pouch.

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