As I started to get back into mountain biking after a few years off, it was also a nice time to get back to Colorado too!  The first stop was Boulder Colorado, what a great town! Lots to see and do, but we were there for some biking!


When traveling to Colorado for some biking fun, we pre-rented bikes online at University Bikes.  I highly recommend this place, but get there early as they are busy.  This is where I met my love..the Santa Cruz 5010!


Getting to the trail head is fairly simple, there is a nice bike/walking path that goes most of the way there from downtown Boulder. Here is the path leaving the city area, it was nice and easy to traverse and used by bikers and walkers.


Don’t be fooled when someone tells you it’s a short uphill to the trail head, expect a LOT of climbing, at least the views are amazing!  It probably didn’t help this was our first day in Colorado, and the air is thin for the sea level folks.


Still going upwards!  Did I mention it’s a bit of a climb?


This was the first time I’ve been biking in Boulder and it was a great success!  The ride up to the trailhead was rough, took a LONG time to get there and it was all uphill. Once you got onto the trail, you did some more uphill before coming back for the fun downhill!   If possible, I’d recommend getting a shuttle ride to the trail!

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