This Metropark was busy today! Runners , bikers, walkers, boaters! It was nice and busy but in a good way.  The trail head is to the left once you pull past the park gate keepers, drive just past the golfing area.

Boat launch area is a good place to cool down after a ride!  This is not far from the biking trail head and on the way out of the park.


When you are at the top of the hill, there is only one way down and it’s FUN!


A shortcut to the top, it’s an extremely steep climb with lots of small, loose rocks to stop you from gaining any traction.

Resting area at the top, as its mapped, it’s not a difficult climb but the view is nice.

I’d say these trails are beginner to intermediate depending on which path you want to take. You can even do a paved 6 mile loop around the lake if trails are too difficult.

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