The second upgrade I did to the Santa Cruz was the addition of a 125mm dropper post. They also make a longer 160mm but I wasn’t sure if it would fit or if I needed that much drop. I didn’t really think dropper posts were anything more than a gimmick until I spent a week using one.  Now I think it’s probably one of the best bike innovations since round wheels!

What the dropper does is allows you to adjust the height of the seat on the fly. Getting the seat out of your way at the flick of a lever makes riding so much more enjoyable, giving you more control over the bike by allowing you to push, pull or shift the bike in any direction below your body while still maintaining your riding position.

The post was VERY easy to install and replacing the cable(if ever needed) is very simple.  It doesn’t start at the lever and go into the post like most other dropper posts.  The cable end goes into the post and you use a pinch screw on the lever to keep it in place.

The lever is a piece of art, it’s super adjustable with a ball-type adjuster and it just works really well. I also have a KS Eten Integra and this lever is so much nicer.

So far the dropper has worked out well, and it didn’t seem to have any issues in 20* F weather but I wasn’t out there that long. The travel is just a little short for my setup as I am finding but still livable and not enough to really merit any changes.  I found this on Amazon for a really good price compared to other online retailers.

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