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Sag should be set to 15 – 20% of total fork travel.

34 FLOAT and Rhythm maximum pressure is 120psi/ 8.3 bar

To achieve the best performance from your FOX suspension, adjust the air pressure to attain your proper sag setting. Sag is the amount your suspension compresses under your weight and riding gear. Sag range should be set to 15–20% of total fork travel.

    1. Unscrew the blue air cap on top of the left fork leg counter-clockwise to expose the Schrader valve. 32-34-sag-range.jpg
    2. Attach a FOX High Pressure Pump to the Schrader valve.
    3. Pump your fork to the appropriate pressure as listed in the ‘Suggested starting points for setting sag’ table below, then remove the pump.
    4. Using your forks sag setting o-ring on the left upper tube (or temporarily install a zip tie to the upper tube), slide the o-ring (or zip tie) down against the fork dust wiper.

Rotate the 3-Position lever to the Open mode (the riders 1 o’clock position).

    • If you have a Remote fork, click the black release lever once to set the fork to Open mode.
    • If you have a Terralogic® fork, turn the blue Terralogic® threshold adjust knob fully counter-clockwise.
  1. Dressed to ride (including a filled hydration pack, if you use one), position your bike next to a wall or table to support yourself. Mount your bicycle. Assume your riding position for at least 10 seconds, allowing the suspension to fully settle. Make sure you distribute your weight evenly between the saddle, handlebars and pedals.
  2. While in your riding position, slide the o-ring (or zip tie) down against the fork dust wiper.
  3. Dismount your bike without bouncing, to avoid further moving the o-ring or zip tie. Measure the distance between the dust wiper and the o-ring or zip tie. This is your sag measurement. Suggested sag measurements are listed in the table below.
  4. Add or remove air pressure until your sag measurement is between 15-20% of your forks total travel.
  5. Repeat steps 2-8 and recheck sag measurement.
  6. When sag measurement is correct, screw the blue air cap on clockwise until snug.


Suggested Starting Points for Setting Sag
Rider Weight (lbs) Rider Weight (kgs) 32 FLOAT Pressure (psi/ bar) 34 FLOAT and Rhythm Pressure (psi/ bar) 32/34 TALAS Pressure (psi/ bar)
120-130 54-59 66psi/ 4.5 bar 58psi/ 4.0 bar 98psi/ 6.7 bar
130-140 59-64 71psi/ 4.9 bar 63psi/ 4.3 bar 105psi/ 7.2 bar
140-150 64-68 76psi/ 5.2 bar 68psi/ 4.7 bar 113psi/ 7.8 bar
150-160 68-73 82psi/ 5.6 bar 72psi/ 5.0 bar 121psi/ 8.3 bar
160-170 73-77 87psi/ 6.0 bar 77psi/ 5.3 bar 129psi/ 8.9 bar
170-180 77-82 92psi/ 6.3 bar 82psi/ 5.6 bar 137psi/ 9.4 bar
180-190 82-86 98psi/ 6.7 bar 86psi/ 5.9 bar 144psi/ 9.9 bar
190-200 86-91 103psi/ 7.1 bar 91psi/ 6.3 bar 152psi/ 10.5 bar
200-210 91-95 108psi/ 7.4 bar 96psi/ 6.6 bar 160psi/ 11.0 bar
210-220 95-100 113psi/ 7.8 bar 100psi/ 6.9 bar 167psi/ 11.5 bar
220-230 100-104 119psi/ 8.2 bar 105psi/ 7.2 bar 176psi/ 12.1 bar
230-240 104-109 124psi/ 8.5 bar 110psi/ 7.6 bar 183psi/ 12.6 bar
240-250 109-113 129psi/ 8.9 bar 114psi/ 7.9 bar 191psi/ 13.2 bar


Suggested Sag Measurements
Travel 15% sag (Firm) 20% sag (Plush)
80mm/ 3.1 in 12mm/ 0.5 in 16mm/ 0.6 in
90mm/ 3.5 in 13mm/ 0.5 in 18mm/ 0.7 in
100mm/ 3.9 in 15mm/ 0.6 in 20 mm/ 0.8 in
110mm/ 4.3 in 17mm/ 0.7 in 22mm/ 0.9 in
120mm/ 4.7 in 18mm/ 0.7 in 24mm/ 0.9 in
130mm/ 5.1 in 20 mm/ 0.8 in 26mm/ 1.0 in
140mm/ 5.5 in 21mm/ 0.8 in 28mm/ 1.1 in
150mm/ 5.9 in 23mm/ 0.9 in 30mm/ 1.2 in
160mm/ 6.3 in 24mm/ 0.9in 32mm/ 1.3 in

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