So not long after the first post on the Framed, UPS came to my door and dropped off this box!

The box is a little wider than a normal bike box, for obvious reasons.  It was packed well, with zip ties holding things together and foam wrap or cardboard wrap around frame, forks, bars, stem, seat, etc.

It came with a free Framed watch, you can see the box for it here.


The rear wheel came attached, rear brakes and derailleur were also installed.


Large 4″ rear tire, came partially inflated.


Seat and post I had to install myself, came with an aluminum seat clamp.


Tires are 120tpi and Framed branded. The front wheel did have the tube and tire on the rim but not installed fully.  You will want to make sure and use some soapy water to get the rim to seat properly.


My tube came with a tiny pinhole leak but I put a patch on so I could get it together!


Completed bike with bars installed, stem adjusted, shifters and cables adjusted, tires inflated and pedals.





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