I rode this last year for the first time, and it instantly became my favorite trail system in lower Michigan. They are continually adding trails and the latest one called Winn was added late 2018. The Potowatomi Mountain Biking Association (PotoMBA – www.potomba.org) leads the development of these trails and I gotta say they are doing a killer job!

I decided to give the new section a go, and wow it rocks! There are a lot of climbs, but like most of the blue and green trails, a huge reward of flowing downhill to make you happy!

There is a newer trail head on Waterloo road that can cut out the need to go thru the green trail (about 5 miles) to get to the Winn(orange) trail. It’s pretty sweet and definitely not beginner, but a novice could do it for sure.

This trail system has something for every level of rider, beginner can do the green section, and intermediate can move onto blue and orange. It’s nothing too difficult but it’s still a LOT of fun!

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