Here is a list of my ever growing tool set for working on the bikes. You always need more tools right?? I am just cataloging what I have for future reference, mostly because I never know what tools I have. I may add in some maintenance write-ups or how-to videos but I think there are already plenty of good ones out there.

Probably the most used tools are a good set of Allen wrenches. 2mm-8mm are the most common sizes I’ve needed on a bike. Also a few morons put Torx bolts on some bikes and those may be needed as well. Include a flat-head and Phillips screw driver and you’ve got most of the tools for a basic tune up.

Self-Extracting Crank Cap Tool

The BBT-16 removes and installs the self-extracting/one-key release caps on SRAM® and RaceFace® cranks with a 16mm hex hole.

BBT-16 Crank Cap Tool

Cassette Lockring Tool

The FR-5 has 12 splines that are approximately 23.4mm across. Heat treated alloy tool steel, one inch base fits wrench or bench vise. Thin wall construction allows use without removal of cones and locknuts. This works for my SRAM and Shimano cassettes.

Chain Whip / Pedal Wrench

The HCW-16 is a combination pedal wrench in 15mm, and a chainwhip. Use for both pedal removal/installation and for cassette removal. 10/11-speed cassette compatible. The HCW-16 is 10.75″ long (27.3cm). If you are going use this as a pedal wrench wear gloves or wrap the tool in a towel, the thin metal edge digs into your hand nicely!

Crank Puller

The CCP-44 uses a long, comfortable handle and extra fine thread that provides the needed leverage to remove even the tightest cranks. Specifically designed to remove crank arms from splined Shimano® Octalink® and ISIS Drive™ bottom bracket spindles that do not use a self-extracting system. This is for older cranks, havent used it in a while.

Master Link Pliers

MLP-1.2 Master Link Pliers make removal and replacement of these master links quick and effortless. Simply insert the specially sized jaws into the master link. Then squeeze the handles top open or pull the handles to close the link. Compatible with all 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12-speed derailleur chains that use a master link. Many derailleur chains use a “master link” that allows the chain to be installed and removed by hand. While this type of master link doesn’t require a traditional chain tool, over time, dirt and corrosion can make it difficult to separate by hand.

Lezyne External Bottom Bracket Socket Tool

3/8 Socket Driver The Lezyne EXBBT-SOC is compatible with most external bottom brackets. Brands that accept the EXBBT-CLT are Campagnolo, Chris King, FSA, Phil Wood, RaceFace, Shimano, SRAM, and Truvativ. This won’t work with DUB bottom brackets and Shimano has an adapter that fits into this to work.

Park Bottom Bracket tool BBT-79

This is the tool that was needed for SRAM DUB bottom bracket, threaded models.

Cable and Housing Cutter

The CN-10 Cable and Housing Cutter is a shop quality cutter designed specifically for use on all bicycle cables and housing, including hard-to-cut index housing.

Brake bleeding kit for SRAM coming soon because I am gonna need one!!

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