Pivot bikes was having a demo day in Medina Ohio and I had a day off so why not!  I decided to check out demo day and ride a few of the local trails.

Unfortunately it rained the night before I arrived so all the trails were closed, expect for one…Vulture’s Knob.

It’s a privately owned property and is supported by donations.

Vultures Knob

Driving up I was starting to get skeptical about the level of riding. You’ll drive down a flat, dry road going about 10mph(posted) and bysome crop fields. Then you’ll pass a composting facility. It smells ripe that’s for sure!

Turn in here!

You pull in park and see a garage, inside there are self-serve waivers and a donation barrel(the big metal orange one on the corner).


Once signed in, the trail begins left of the garage, you’ll see a sign saying “the beginning”.

The trail starts off nice and flowy but soon gets into the real fun stuff!

Starting to head down into the really trick stuff, not what I was expecting to find in Ohio.  This is a great trail!! WOW.

The expert line is no joke!  Its got some good chunk to get thru and some scary downhill pieces.

This looks meaner in person, but still doable. There was a section where you went under a bridge thru a gully and its got major rock and washout to ride thru, not for the faint of heart that is for sure!


It’s definitely not easy, lots of roots, switchbacks, and technical climbing. Doable for a novice, but I’d caution beginners. There were some nice downhills and a few jumps laid out here and there.

Afterwards there is a nice setup for lunch or some cold ones if you brought either with you. I didnt find any water at the location so you better bring your own.

I would definitely go back, there are some nicely cared for trails and the trail names keep you smiling. Especially “Oh Sh***”

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